Grosgrain Ribbons 1 1/2" STRIPES 7/8 Inch Stripes
Most colors are accurate on MY MONITOR which is set at 32 bit True color. Colors may show up differently on your monitor.

I have listed main colors in the stripes below stripe name. Colors are approximate.

French pink is listed for the darker pink, shocking pink or dark pink are also close.

Bubblegum pink is a shade between pink and hot pink.

"Purple" does not match any solid ribbons I have, but is a dark thistle color.

If you want basic bows made with these stripes and do not see the stripe you want in the drop down menu, please leave the color choice blank and in the comment section, add the stripe you'd like for that bow. Please note ribbon sizes.

I am switching to photos of bows made with the stripes and will post them as time allows. Not all currently available stripes are shown.
1 1/2" Fashion Stripes
Spring moss, brown, taupe, ivory, light forest, no match for main green
Beach Blanket
French pink, emerald, white, neon green, purple
White, bubblegum pink, darker pink is similar to wild berry
Cabana Pink
Hot pink, yellow/maize, purple, Navajo turquoise
Cabana Green
Lemongrass, purple, hot pink, yellow/maize
French pink, yellow/maize, turquoise, closest green is light apple.
Chocolate Raspberry
Dark brown, pink, white, darker pink is similar to wild berry
Cinnamon Sweet
Red, bubblegum pink, white
New chartreuse. Pink is a bit lighter than raspberry. Coral is a bit darker than blush.
Copen, white, marigold, light green
Cotton Candy
Bubblegum pink, white, French pink
Bubblegum pink, white, copen, yellow, emerald
Sorry, no longer available
Grappa, white, neon green, tropic lilac
French pink, bubblegum pink, white, yellow
Licorice Twist
Black, white, French pink, bubblegum pink
brown, white, sarsparilla, bubblegum pink
Pacific Pink
Shocking pink, white, and an indescribable pale color, not really gray, not really beige.
Bubblegum pink, light apple, emerald
Pink Lemonade
Light pink, no match for darker pink
Pink Lime Twist
Bright lime, white, bubblegum pink.
Pink Schoolgirl
Light pink, white, khaki.
Turquoise, ice blue edges, no match for brown tones
Bubblegum pink, white, neon green, French pink
Copen, white, bubblegum pink, French pink
South Seas
Copen, white, black, neon green, jade, purple
Strawberry Mocha
Pink, dark brown
Navy, white, neon green
Surfer Girl
Navy, bubblegum pink, white, closest green is light apple.
Tahiti Pink
Shocking pink, white
Hot pink and a green that doesn't match any other green I have
Westbrook Pink
White, bubblegum, light apple green, dark red
Westbrook Blue
Light blue, robin's egg, sapphire, taupe, ivory, dark brown, reddish brown
Hot Pink/White Stripe
Hot pink, white
Purple/White Stripe
This purple is closest to tropic lilac
1 1/2" Pinstripes
Black/Shocking Pink
Light Pink/Coffee
Shocking Pink/Neon Green
Bright Lime
1 1/2" Other Stripes
Flag Stripe
Red, white, dark blue
Red, white, indigo
Red, autumn orange, yellow/maize, emerald, copen, indigo
Irish Flag
Orange, white, emerald
Standard Stripe (Narrow)
regal purple/white
Taffy Stripe (Wider)
French pink/white
regal purple/white
bright lime/white
autumn orange/white

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